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Happy 2018

Happy New Year! I hope 2018 is a great year!

Jan. 1st, 2013

Hello Friends!

I hope y'all have a wonderful, happy, and prosperous 2013

May your dreams come true and you enjoy wonderful health. I hope too that the words fly out of you like water and you are able to write your little heart out.


Ann Gatti

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday m_stiefvater


Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to saputnam  Hope it is a wonderful day!


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!

There is long overdue post about what I have been doing, but it will have to wait until tomorrow or day after that. I hope everyone had a good weekend. 

Wordless Wednesday

It's hard being happy when you are being oppressed. re: SOPA/PIPA


Friday Five

I do not know how to describe this week...

1. We have a new kitten. She showed up at our door step and my oldest daughter couldn't help feeling sorry for her. After a good effort to find her a home, we ended up keeping her.

2. My mom is here this week and the next. I want ttime to go by slow, very, very slow. However, there is a possibility that she moves here with my sister, which would be fantastic.

3. Ugh, money organization... it sucks!

4. I want to visit NYC so bad! But we also want to go on a cruise... Hmm... Decisions, decisions... what to do...

5. For some reason I got into a reading funk that I couldn't get out of it. However, thanks to a few books I'm out of it and happily on my reading mood.

Crazy Days

  Every time I say I’m going to write on this journal more often something happens that mess up those plans. This time, in order to avoid cursing myself I won’t say that.  Lord knows that the last two months or so have been quite awful. To summarize I had to buy a car, my refrigerator died, had to pay for a new tag with just a month to go, and my aunt died. Needless to say I didn’t work on the books in weeks…

  That is not counting a few other things that also happened in that time too and are not really that important to mention. However, they were important enough to make me realize that I need to get a little more serious about my writing. Let’s hope the next months are better.  To beat the curse I spend not this week but the one before that working on one of the WIP, and it felt great. I only have a few chapters more to go to finish on one of the first projects I started. The other one is far easier to work in and so I have spent more time in that project. That hopefully is the project I would go and start to send out, because I love the characters, idea, and the whole concept.

   A few weeks ago we went for the first time to a Florida beach and we loved it, wow! The sand was so beautiful and the clean water was amazing. Definitely and experience we would love to repeat soon. Speaking of experiences that we want to repeat and we are trying to keep it is trying new recipes. I love cooking, but lately I’ve been kind of bored of cooking the same thing. So I’ve turn to internet to find new recipes and oh wow… I feel like an amateur! Seriously some people are freaking genius in the kitchen!

  For example take a look at this beauty from Tablespoon.com:

Isn't that a beauty?

   Another thing I find appealing to do is find recipes in books. Have you ever tried to make a food you heard from a book? I haven’t tried but I’m incredibly curious to see if anyone has ever tried.  One of the challenges I’m encountering right now is that I have decided to lose some
weight and getting the right  portions to keep the diet balance is kind of a mess . I did find a website that helps you keep track of your calories but figuring out how much is what has been the struggle, Any pointers?

So my life at the moment is kind of nuts, but hopefully in no time I will have it back on track.

I'm tired, I'm depressed and I'm ready to go out running screaming my head off with no intent on coming back. I had quite possibly the worst day at work EVER... I have never in 40 years of living have I had such a horrible experience.  I really don't wish to go into detail but let's say that the details contains a lot of violence. 

The whole thing has left me wondering if people do really think about what really constitute to have a baby.

Listen up teens and those who think they want a baby:
  • Babies grow up - Little babies are cute and cuddly, but inevitably they grow up, and there is NOTHING you can do about it. Learn that your 2 year old may need a nap in the middle of the day. They are going to want a snack at 10 and eventually they terrible two's will reach him. Educate yourself before your decide to bring a live into this world, and make their lives, and yours, a living nightmare. 
  • Enjoy the little things in live - You have the gift that some people will give anything to have. You have one more day. One more day to live. One more day to laugh. One more day to share with your loved ones. Some people will give anything for that. Just one more day. So who cares if you didn't get all of the laundry done, did all the errands, or visited everything you wanted in your vacation. In our desperate attempt to give our children this or that we forget that the one thing they want is YOU. It could be by sharing an ice cream, drinking a milkshake, or just spent sitting on a bench watching people. Ultimately is not WHAT you give them, is HOW you spend time with them. 
  • Learn everything about you - All children have triggers that provoke temper tantrums. Adults are no different. Learn what really sparks your temper and not only avoid it but work on it. I have no patience and can't think when I'm hungry, so I make sure I have plenty of snacks, and water during the day. 
  • Mommy time out is your friend - When my girls were little there were moments I wanted to scream at them. I was going to loose it, and I knew it. So I would yell Mommy time out and my kids knew I need it just a few moments to myself. They were only allow to get me if one was sick, bleeding or in danger. I would take 5 or 10 minutes to myself and gather my thoughts. After that I was brand new and ready to begin again. Look to make mistakes is human and you can't handle it all.
  • Stop listening to the "experts" - Did you kid popped out of you with a set of instructions on him? No, then you need to learn how she/he works. The so called experts have a million of advice but they forget the most important one of it all. Listen to yourself. Nobody will know your child better than you.  A recommendation may seem highly regarded, but if you think it's wrong; then it probably is. Listen to yourself and trust those instincts more often. 
  • Stop being a martyr - It seems that woman these days equal leaving a child with someone as some sort of abandonment. Woe is me, and the more I do the better mother I become. Allow me to say that that it's just bullshit. You are not going to get a medal for being a martyr and trying to do it all or show you are better at this or that. Come to terms with the fact that you will never be able to protect your child on a 24/7 basis. Even if you could you would be suffocating them, and you. Set guidelines and teach him/her right from wrong. Most importantly investigate and feel comfortable with whom you leave your child. Then try to enjoy yourself. A happy person makes a good parent, trust me.   

I'm not trying to say that parenting is not rewarding. It is the best experience of my life, but it's stressful and it's demanding. Make sure you take care of you and are in a place where you know you can handle it. Because once you get on the ride there is no coming back. 

Happy Mothers day!

To everyone here in LJ Happy Mothers day! I hope you all have a fantastic day.
I will be spending my morning typing furiously in my notepad, which I haven't been able to do that lately. :)